Offre de lancement: Livraison offerte pour toute commande en France métropolitaine
Offre de lancement: Livraison offerte pour toute commande en France métropolitaine
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 Goal n°1

To develop our Safe 4 all 4 rule in everything we do. All of our products are made with this simple rule in mind:

"If we sell it, let's try our best to make it safe for people, animals, 
plants and the environment".

Goal n°2 

To take you on an inspiring and vibrant adventure, into the rediscovery of the plant of the future: Seaweed.


Goal n°3

To offer harmonious, contemporary and safe products while preserving the beauty of our ecosystems.

Our Seaweed Bath Bags are a great example of eco-friendly products you can indulge in knowing they are Safe for 4 all 4.


Goal n°4

To share fresh and innovative information.

Because seaweed is a superstar and has got everybody talking, everything we know and test we share with you!

 In our blog articles you will discover: 

  • How and why people all over the world are changing the way we see and consume seaweed
  • Why seaweed is great for DIYs
  • How our products provide you with seaweed's rejuvenating qualities

  • And how you participate in protecting the environment by consuming seaweed.


Goal n°5 

To work with like-minded people.

We love to work with people that have the same vision as us. And there are a lot of amazing people in the seaweed industry. Did you know that our seaweed is vegan and sustainably harvested to protect the fragile marine ecosystems? That's because all of our seaweed is grown and harvested by people who have the environment at heart. 


From the heart of the ocean to your home,
our products are made with love and care.
Thank you for joining us on this inspiring adventure
Peter Wilson & Jasmine Mir